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Silicone Universal Mobile Phone Kickstands

Silicone Mobile Phone Kickstands - 4 piece pack

These pack of FOUR silicone kick stand card holders are designed to attach to the back of your mobile phone. Simply peel off the backing film and affix to your device or phone case. Re-Use over and over again, and attach to any device and surface. Leaves NO residue, keeping your gadgets clean and sticky free!! Convenient for holding up to 2 credit cards or a mixture of ID/Bank cards and bank notes, or even a door key.  Everything is secured in this silicone holder.  The clever design also features a ‘click’ out kick stand. Simply apply pressure to the centre of the clip and it quickly transforms into a kick stand for your mobile phone. Great for propping up your device to watch video / games / conference calls etc. You can even wrap around your headphones and click the kickstand back to flat position to keep your headphones safe.