The LED ECO LANTERN™ is a new and unique idea from the Ventus design team. It can be hand wound anytime, anyplace! It also features 2-way power, can recharge from windup, or recharge from 12v car socket.

It utilises state-of-the-art LED technology and an eco-friendly winding mechanism to create 20 minutes of ambient light from every 1 minute of winding. A full charge gives an incredible 4 hours of continuous light and you will never need to replace a bulb or battery — so no future costs and guaranteed light when you need it.

Standby mode illuminates two small LED’s for pleasant comfort night-lighting - over 48 hours on a full charge, or 6 hours on a 1 minute wind!

A folding handle is incorporated within the base for pendant use, or for easy carrying.

Recessed lug under the base permits wall mounting - ideal as an emergency light at home, in the shed, or camping.

Eco Lantern

• 4 hours constant 5-LED light on full charge • 2 days standby light on full charge • 1 minute winding gives 20 minutes light • 3 phase hand-generator technology means minimum effort • weatherproof, ideal Indoors or outdoors • 12V  in-car Charger also included • patents pending