This new compact radio is the perfect palm-sized travel buddy. Yet the new Mini Eco Radio offers superb AM/FM reception without any external antenna thanks to modern computer chip technology! Just wind it up for 1 minute to give 20 minutes of play time.  Even better – don’t wind it up at all – just leave it in the sunshine! That’s right, the built-in Solar Panel will recharge the internal battery in around 8 hours and can even play continuously in direct sunlight. A third power option allows for recharging direct from any computer USB port.

The amazing Ventus generator can even be used to emergency charge your mobile phone, and there is a handy storage compartment to keep all your charge cables safe and tidy.

Finally, the Mini Eco Radio features a super bright white LED torch light that also has a red “Night Vision” mode – ideal for map reading, camping or star gazing without spoiling your eyes’ natural darkness adjustment.

Another Ventus winner!


· PLL tuner with FM (87 – 108MHz) / AM (520 – 1710KHz)

· Soft-touch rubberised body coating

· Blue LED backlit tuning scale

· Antenna-less reception requires no external aerial

· Handy storage compartment for accessories

· Ventus induction generator provides around 20 minutes play for each 1 minute of winding. Included USB charge cable enables recharging via any PC. Approx 6 hours play from full charge. Also provides emergency phone charge for Nokia phones (Adapters to suit other makes available by request).

· Solar panel provides constant play in direct sunlight or recharges internal battery when idle.

· USB charge cable and phone charge cable included.

· 3 x LED super bright torch light with 2 modes (2 x LED white / 1 x LED red night vision).

· Weight: 220g (8oz)

· Dimensions: 130 x 77 x 50mm (5” x 3” x 1.6”) approx.

Windup Eco Radio